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Farmhouse Blooms – Farm to You Flowers

Christmas trees to cut flowers…who would have thought? Well, it actually works and works well.

In the summer seasons, Fodor Tree Farm’s Farmhouse Blooms offers fresh-cut flowers to florists, do-it-yourself brides, retail stores, local farmer’s markets, and the curious passerby. Our premium, fresh-cut sunflowers are always a florist favorite as these stunning beauties are single stem and pollenless (no mess on your table). Stand-alone or bunched with a few other flower varieties grown on the farm, these beauties are sure to brighten your day. The farm also grows lilies, lisianthus, zinnias, dahlias, gladiolus, sweet peas, celosia, tuberose, hydrangeas, rudbeckia, and more. We take pride in what we do and try to be as natural as possible giving you our freshest and natural blooms. See our online shop by clicking here for our Farmhouse Blooms subscription options.

Farmhouse Blooms design service uniquely specializes in creating fresh, farm-to-you floral designs. From private dinner parties to weddings, we at Farmhouse Blooms work with what we grow and create natural, lush bouquets and arrangements. Our fields of dreamy and delicate blooms are available from June through October. Please inquire for more information and availability.