Our Christmas Trees

Fodor Tree Farm offers Colorado Blue Spruce, Concolor Fir, Fraser Fir, and Norway Spruce tree varieties. Below is a brief description of each Christmas tree type. All choose and cut trees are $49 (unless marked otherwise) this season and pre-cut trees are individually priced.

Colorado Blue Spruce are the all-time customer favorite. These prickly needled, Blue Spruce trees provide strong branches for those large, heavy ornaments and that great spruce scent.

Concolor Fir trees are becoming more and more popular with their unique, citrus-like fragrance. They have a charming blue-green color and long, soft needles. The aroma of the Concolor Fir tree is sure to linger throughout your home if you choose this fragrant tree.

Fraser Fir, the most traditional Christmas tree, provide another great decorating tree. Their branches provide both good spacing and strength for hanging those heavy ornaments. The needles are soft and a silvery-greenish in color.

Norway Spruce are known for being dense trees. The needles are short and semi-prickly with a vibrant green color.