Tent…check, Signs…check.

park-hereIf only that was the end of the to-do list before our big opening day this Friday!  Though we will be busy little elves the next few days preparing for our opening
weekend, we are looking forward to our Thanksgiving feast with our families and then the notorious Black Friday Christmas Tree Shoppers!  Yeeeeahhhhh!!

So what’s new from Fodor Tree Farm in 2012?  Well, you all know by now Jon is a typical man. He loves his toys and when it comes to Christmas trees, he likes all the gadgets and custom equipment. He purchased a tree shaker from a retiring tree farmer and is bringing it back to life. It’s looking pretty snazzy with that fresh coat of Christmas red paint!  It’s sure to give each tree a big shake to help get rid of any loose needles before netting it up. Along with the “shaker” he also purchased a tree drill. Though it’s in rough shape (in my eyes) it gets the job done for those of you who prefer rebar tree stands. Besides the choose-and-cut fields of Christmas trees, we will also have the pre-cut area under the tent, and because of several requests last year we will offer balled and burlap trees.

Now for the fun stuff…wreaths and greenery items! Just kidding, I love the tree stuff just as much. As I mentioned in the previous post, our red barn has been transformed to our greenery showroom and let me tell you it looks and smells amazing!  You just have to come by and see it for yourself!  I have Fraser Fir and Concolor Fir wreaths this year in a few different sizes. We also have cemetery crosses that are just gorgeous and much, much more!

Be sure to stop by Fodor Tree Farm and get your fresh tree this year. Nothing says Christmas more, than the fragrance of a fresh-cut Christmas tree!

See you soon!