It’s that time…Game on!

Can you believe it?  We are only 12 days away from Thanksgiving and 13 days until opening day at Fodor Tree Farm. The next two week I’ll be covered in tree sap, hot glue, and glitter as I prepare fresh wreath designs and other greenery products. It’s that time…game on!

Jon and I had this clever idea of turning our red garage into a Christmas workshop. With more than 30 years of farm…stuff(not sure of a better word for all the stuff we pulled out of it), we somehow managed to clear the space. We never realized the potential of this old red garage until now, especially for the Christmas tree season. I’m loving my new workshop, which over the next two weeks will be transformed into a showcase of fragrant, fresh holiday decor! There’s no need to just imagine the fresh scents and jaw dropping beauty that is about to come out of this new workshop…just come by and let your holiday senses come alive! :-)

I’ll be looking forward to greeting our first customers on Black Friday….or maybe even earlier in the week?!?  I’ll be building, decorating, and taking orders from this day forward.

Hope to see you soon!