Sunflower Success


Last week at the Poland Farmer’s Market we met so many new friends! Though it was an extremely hot day, the flowers still put on quite the display. We left the market with only a few remaining bundles and they quickly disappeared within a day. Thanks to everyone who was able to stop by and see us. What a fun day! If you haven’t been to the market yet, please stop by. They have a great selection of local produce, canned goods and more. One of our favorites is Red Geraniums! They make homemade canned pie fillings and can be used for just about anything. In fact, they gave us one of their leftover sample containers and told me to whip something good up. Well, no need…Jon and I just ate it with a spoon as soon as we got home! Yummy!!

Throughout the week, we filled sunflower orders for local florists and a few curious customers that heard about us one way or another. We even had to pick one evening in the rain to fill an order for the following morning. I told Jon one streak of lightening and I was out of there! :-) And doesn’t it figure, as soon as we were done and in the garage prepping our cut flowers, the rain stopped.

Most likely it will be our last week or so of sunflowers, so come see us at the Poland Farmer’s Market tomorrow from 10am-2pm again. Hope to see you soon!