6-Month Recap

Hard to believe 6 months has gone by and even harder to believe it’s time to start thinking about Christmas tree season again. Though we never really forget about the trees as there is much needed maintenance that takes place with every season. In the past six months, we’ve grinded last year’s stumps, planted tree seedlings, mowed, fertilized, initiated a herbicide program, scouted for pests, trimmed, and did more mowing. It sounds like a lot of hard work and it is, but we truly enjoy it (well, most of the time ;-).

With each Christmas season, we are striving to provide more services and better products to make finding your Christmas tree more enjoyable. Last year it was our added tree netter/bailer, a selection of pre-cut trees, and our wreaths and fresh greenery items. This year we have a few more services and products we will offer, so don’t miss out and be sure to stop by and check out what’s new!

See you in a few months!