Sell-Out Season

I know, I know…it’s January and I’m finally making another post. That should indicate what kind of season we had at the tree farm….BUSY!  Since we missed a post for Christmas and New Years, Fodor Tree Farm hopes you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with family, love, and laughter and many wishes for a happy and healthy New Year.

It was so much fun this year with all the new surprises and new faces at the tree farm.  We had our best Christmas Tree season yet and are already planning for 2012. Though we slacked a bit on the posts, I did not slack on the photos. We captured a few great moments on the tree farm and look forward to building that Christmas Tree Farm album one of these days. It’s on my list for sure!!

Something else worth mentioning…

We were quite excited on December 23rd when the phone rang and it was Jon’s mother telling us to go to to see the day’s paper.  “Supersized in Springfield” was the headline and inside we read about one of our longstanding customers, Frank and Paula Dietz and their 18’ Concolor fir they purchased at Fodor Tree Farm!  We love a good story and we love to hear how our customers find a way to get their supersized tree selections into the house! Seeing one of our trees in the local paper and hearing their story made us smile!!

Thanks again for a wonderful season! Look forward to seeing you all next year.